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Game 14: Protect Wisely!

Toby J.
Kimyo N.
Dayton B.
Satoru S.
Himashi G.
Azumi A.
Misawo M.
Willhiema L.
Koji I.
Terri E.
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Game 14: Protect Wisely! - Page 23 Empty Re: Game 14: Protect Wisely!

Post by ajhockeystar Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:11 pm

Though the reveals were done by Skype call, here they are again for those who missed it and for future reference:

Koji I.: SkarmChikora
Willhiema L.: Reddo161
Misawo M.: cxinlee
Terri E.: Doctor Gucci
Azumi A.: Aknolan
Kimyo N.: PikaCal
Toby J.: Sanjana
Satoru S.: Mob Boss
Himashi G.: Citrus Freak
Rossi U. #1: Snnivy
Rossi U. #2: Coronis
Rossi U. #3: C733937 123
Dayton B. #1: champetero
Dayton B. #2: Fort Yellowcastle
Dayton B. #3: TheWhoDoctor
Sunreeser: Drookez

Thanks for playing and hope to see you guys next time!

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